This Will Make You Savor and Enjoy Your Holiday Season

Lessons From A Coffee Ritual

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History of the Ritual

Rituals have been around since the beginning of humankind. Cultural Anthropology writes this about the subject:

One can find rituals, both sacred and secular, throughout “modern” society: collective experiences, from the Olympics to the commemoration of national tragedies; cyclical gatherings, from weekly congregations at the local church to the annual turkey carving at Thanksgiving to the intoxication of Mardi Gras; and personal life-patterns, from morning grooming routines to the ways in which we greet and interact with one another.

Rituals can provide comfort in times of fear. They can provide solace in times of grief. They serve to connect us with others in group rituals such as weekly religious ceremonies or tribal rituals such as rain dances.

Being Present

My weekly coffee ritual was suspended recently as I gave up coffee as part of an elimination diet I am doing. So for over two months, I was without my weekly ritual and I have noticed the absence. It’s not so much the actual coffee that I have missed but rather the formality of the practice and the enrichment of the experience that it brought about.

Create a Holiday Ritual

As we embark on the holiday season, it is the perfect time to begin a new ritual or renew an old ritual. The magic of the holidays can easily get lost in the ever growing and expanding commercialism and consumerism that society and corporate America forces upon us.

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Rituals Cultivate Gratitude

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Vohs and her colleagues found evidence to suggest that personal involvement is the real driver of these effects. In other words, rituals help people to feel more deeply involved in their consumption experience, which in turn heightens its perceived value.

From a business standpoint, you can see how creating a ritual around a product would be good for business. The report points to the great success of the Oreo cookie in which everyone knows the proper way to eat it is to twist the top off and lick out the creamy center. It also points to Guinness and its emphasis on the “perfect pour” as determining the taste of the brew. And if I look at my own weekly coffee ritual, I am happy to wait the extra time for a barista who boils the water to the exact temperature, grinds the beans to the right consistency, and pours with patience so the coffee blooms perfectly, resulting in a better tasting cup.

Rituals are the formula in which harmony is restored. -TerryTempest Williams

Harmony is experienced in the moment when flow happens. Ritual is the means in which we attain flow.

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